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The Connected Universe Official Trailer
The CONNECTED UNIVERSE explores new understandings in science that reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than we have ever imagined. This eye opening film explores how the fundamental experience of being human is also about connection… and how this experience may be altered by these breakthroughs in science. Watch the full movie at http://getconnected.resonance.is/#.

Nassim Haramein TEDxUCSD Talk — 2016
Through nearly 30 years of research in physics and writing multiple papers, Haramein has come to a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of our universe, using his equations and theory to calculate the most accurate prediction of the charge radius of the proton to date. Bringing in evidence from fundamental physical principles and leading research, he is able to show that we live in a connected universe with an inherent feedback network in the structure of space, which has led to pioneering insights in our interpretation of cosmological, quantum, and biological scale systems.

Cutting Edge Consciousness Interview w/ Nassim Haramein — 2015
Physicist Nassim Haramein joins Freeman and Barnet for a wild conversation about reality. This is a brilliant, pragmatic discussion, that references Nassim’s Holofractographic Universe Theory – a term that invites a new possibility for understanding reality.

Nassim Haramein Lecture at the Modern Knowledge Tour in Toronto, Canada — 2015
Recorded from The Modern Knowledge Tour, 2015-08-16 in Toronto. Published by the Nassim Haramein CZ and SK FB page with the kind approval of Modern Knowledge and Resonance Project Foundation. Deepen your connection.

Other Relevant Science


The Fourth Phase of Water (Gerald H. Pollack)

The Biology of Belief (Bruce Lipton)

The Sense of Being Stared At (Rupert Sheldrake)

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (James L. Oschman)

Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (James L. Oschman)

Earthing (Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, Martin Zucker)

The Field (Lynne McTaggart)

The Holographic Universe (Michael Talbot)