“Penny is amazing! Each time we have had a session, I am struck by how connected she is to what is coming up for me at the time. Her listening skills are so fine tuned to hear what is and is not being said in my mind, my body, and my spirit. I highly recommend her to anyone focused on being more integrated and feeling more at peace.” ~Caroline

“Penny is a gifted therapist. She has a warm and caring presence, listens deeply, and is highly Blue flowersperceptive. Her sessions have a profound and long-lasting effect on my whole being.” ~Sherry

“Penny is not only skillful in her use of craniosacral therapy, she also brings to the work a deep honesty, compassion, and centered presence that enhances the positive effects of the work.” ~Susan

“I am very grateful to have found Penny last year when I was struggling with the pain and depression of a severe neurological disorder. Working with Penny over the last eight months has been an interesting and rewarding process. Penny’s sessions are comfortable and relaxing, and I regularly discover surprising insights and a growing appreciation for the resiliency and wisdom of my body. Penny inspires confidence with her intuitive sensitivity, compassionate attitude, and gentle technique. I have experienced a significant improvement in my attitude towards my health situation, increased self confidence, and a more positive outlook towards the future. I happily recommend Penny as a remarkable guide for a journey to explore any health concern!” ~Pat

Baby holding finger“Penny first came into our lives to give sessions to my newborn son. She exuded a tranquility and quiet confidence that immediately put me at ease, and she treated my baby with gentleness and a profound sensitivity. My son was relaxed and slept better than he ever had afterwards! My personal experience with Penny’s magic touch felt incredible. Trance-like, bodily warm and fuzzy ~ mentally restorative… I entered an exhausted and haggard new mother, and emerged bright eyed and refreshed! I would highly recommend Penny. She is a truly gifted healer!”

Would you like to book a private session? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please use the contact form or email me at twothepenny@live.com.

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