Integral Philosophy

The Evolution of Consciousness

Human consciousness is evolving. To be precise, it is evolving into ever greater stages of goodness, truth, and beauty. This is the main thesis of integral philosophy.

What does this have to do with healing? Well, one could argue that what is happening with true healing is a raising of the level of our consciousness. As we heal, we become more loving, compassionate, and kind. We become wiser. We come to appreciate the beauty of our lives and majesty of the universe. In other words, we embody deeper and deeper levels of goodness, truth, and beauty as we engage in the healing process.

Integral philosophy gives us a map that we can use on our evolutionary journey. This map integrates all the known systems and models of human growth and distills their major components into five simple factors—Quadrants, Levels, Lines, States, and Types.

The power of this map becomes self-evident to those who use it because it actually raises their consciousness. If we become aware of these elements in ourselves, we can more easily use them to accelerate our own evolution. In other words, integral philosophy actually facilitates our own evolution! Evolving our consciousness literally gives us a path to becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

Interested in delving deeper? Check out Integral Life to join a community of integral practitioners, and be sure check out my reference page here for books, websites, podcasts, and videos that will lead you as far down the rabbit hole as you want to go. Enjoy your exploration!

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