My Journey

Penny L. Heiple, BS, RCST®, BCST, CQTP, LMT

Like so many in this field, I came to this work through my own suffering and my search for answers to the deepest questions of life. From a very young age, I struggled with what well-meaning doctors labeled “depression.” Even then, I didn’t liked being labeled. I never liked being analyzed as if I were an interesting puzzle to figure out. I felt as if something was wrong with me, and it seemed like everyone else agreed. Everyone said they wanted me to be happy, and they all had ideas of how I was supposed to achieve this goal. But I wasn’t happy, and so I felt even more worthless because I couldn’t achieve this all elusive “happiness” I was supposed to be feeling.  And, as I’ve continued on into my adult life, these struggles have manifested physically as well. I’ve tried everything that I could think of. I did endless hours of therapy, tried various medications, went to support groups, read self-help books, went to personal growth seminars, studied and researched philosophies and science, and practiced “living in the now,” to name but a few strategies. Some of these were life-altering, amazing experiences. Some of them seemed to be total duds.Sun

I was first attracted to a healing modality called biodynamic craniosacral therapy because, in this approach, the focus was not on what was supposedly “wrong” with me that needed fixing. Rather, it was about what is right with me. It was such a relief to finally be seen as who I really am, the one who is bigger than all the despair and suffering, the one who has an amazing ability to heal in ways I had never before dreamed possible. I found it tremendously healing to be listened to on every level and to be recognized as a unique, amazing being, not just another person with “depression” or “chronic physical issues” who fits into some cookie-cutter definition or label. Through my own journey, I am beginning to realize what healing really means to me. I have come to see healing as an ongoing process — a journey — not a destination. I will not lie and say my journey has been easy and that now I live in eternal bliss every moment of every day. No, this road has been challenging and often filled with overwhelming suffering and despair. Yet, at the same time, every single day I am also experiencing more and more fully who I really am — the Joy, the Light, the Love, the Gratitude, the Compassion, the Health, the Abundance — the list goes on and on.


I see myself as a fellow traveler with you on this journey we call life. I offer to support and assist you on your own unique healing journey. My highest intention is always to create a safe, compassionate, loving space where you are free to be yourself and explore the connection between your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this space, healing and transformation takes place in astonishing and forever life-altering ways.

I would be absolutely honored to be a companion on your journey.

Mahalo & in gratitude,

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