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Science aims to answer the question, “What is true?” which is a question that has always been near and dear to my heart. For almost as long as I can remember, I have been exploring questions related to the nature of reality. I believe it is important to explore these questions both scientifically (from the outside in) and experientially (from the inside out). This page is an introduction to cutting edge science in the field of unified physics and how it relates to healing.

Introducing the Unified Physics Theory of Nassim Haramein

Nassim HarameinI’d like to introduce you to a man named Nassim Haramein. He has developed (and continues to develop) a unified theory of physics. In all my countless hours of research and study, I have never run into any physics theory or explanation for the mechanics of how the universe works that makes more sense to me than this one. I really believe it is a revolution — or an evolution — in our understanding of reality.

I will not go into the all of details of the theory here, but I will share an overview so you can get a sense of the big picture. If it intrigues you, I invite you to go as far down the rabbit hole as you’d like by signing up for the free Unified Science Course offered by the Resonance Science Foundation, where you have the opportunity to learn the theory in detail and have a chance to interact directly with Nassim and the rest of the faculty.

Why “Unified”?

Perhaps you are wondering what makes this theory “unified,” why it matters, and how a unified physics theory is different from other kinds of physics theories. In my view, there are three main aspects of the theory which give it the distinction of being  “unified”:

  1. It bridges the divide between the two major theoretical frameworks in physics: general relativity and quantum field theory.
  2. It clearly demonstrates the interconnected and interdependent nature of the universe.
  3. It unifies science with many of the underlying truth claims of spirituality and ancient healing traditions.

1. Reconciling the Two Major Theoretical Frameworks of Physics
One of the biggest problems in modern physics today is the incompatibility of its two main theoretical frameworks: general relativity and quantum field theory. The theory of general relativity describes the force of gravity and makes predictions about our universe at a very large scale, e.g. the activity of solar systems, stars, galaxies, superclusters, etc. Quantum field theory, on the other hand, deals with the three so-called “non-gravitational” forces (electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force) and focuses on the very small: atomic and sub-atomic particles. The problem is we cannot apply general relativity to very small things like atoms and sub-atomic particles, and we cannot apply quantum field theory to very big things like how gravity affects large objects in space. The models simply break down when they are applied outside of their realms.

Obviously something is wrong with this picture, as both logically and intuitively we know that big things are made out of small things. We should be able to explain how things work, from big to small, with one unified model. This is what Nassim Haramein has started to do, which he has demonstrated convincingly in his most recent research publications, Resolving the Vacuum Catastrophe: A Generalized Holographic Approach, Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass and The Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution. This is one of the reasons why I believe Nassim’s theory is revolutionary, as it rectifies perhaps the most glaring problem in physics today.

2. Demonstrating the Interconnected Nature of the Universe
The way in which Nassim bridges general relativity and quantum field theory also unequivocally demonstrates the interconnected nature of the universe. To be more precise, he shows that the everything is a part of one quantized fabric of reality. What we think of as space (or the “quantum vacuum”) is not empty. On the contrary, it is entirely full. In fact, it is the one thing that connects all things because all things are a part of it.

According to Nassim, this fundamental field is actually the source of what we call mass and energy, which are those phenomena we are able to observe and say, “Look, something is there!” Everything from subatomic particles, to atoms, to planets, to stars, to galaxies, to you and me, are made out of and are part of this unified field we call space. Additionally, Nassim theorizes that this fundamental field is holographic in nature, meaning that the information of the whole is present in every part, and that every proton in the universe is entangled through a wormhole network.

3. Unifying the Truth Claims of Science, Spirituality, and Healing Traditions
Modern science seeks to understand natural phenomena based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. Using the scientific method of investigation, data is collected and repeatable measurements are made to test and verify hypotheses. Spirituality, on the other hand, is generally unconcerned with whether or not its truth claims can be verified scientifically. Nonetheless, spiritual teachings and practices are almost always organized around a specific concept of ultimate reality, and modern spirituality attempts to guide people into a direct experience of that ultimate reality. More often than not, those who have these kinds of direct spiritual experiences say the experience itself is a verification that needs no scientific validation.

Despite their different approaches to exploring the nature of reality, both science and spirituality make truth claims. Assuming we are talking about the same reality, it seems to me at some point there has to be a congruence in these truth claims if they are indeed describing the same thing (albeit in different ways). I see this starting to happen in a more convincing way than ever before, thanks to the unified physics theory of Nassim Haramein and related research.

One of the the most profound truth claims often made in modern spirituality is that separation is an illusion, that in fact “We Are All One.” But what does it actually mean to say we are all One? How are we all One? What are the mechanics of this Oneness? How can we be One when it seems so obvious in our everyday experience that we are separate? This is where Nassim’s theory comes in. He gives a scientifically validated explanation for how and why it is true that we are all part of one fabric of reality while at the same time explaining how individuation and boundary conditions exist within that unified fabric.

Even more on point with the topic of healing is the stunning correlation between Nassim’s theory and the underlying theories of many healing traditions. The structure and dynamics of the unified field that he describes directly correlate to the theoretical energetic anatomy and field dynamics of the modalities I practice. Furthermore, for me as a healing practitioner, this correlation is not just theoretical but is also directly experiential. The language is a bit more flowery and symbolic in the descriptions coming from the healing traditions vs. Nassim’s scientific language, but nonetheless, the correlations are clear and undeniable.

Summary of Main Points in the Unified Physics Theory

  1. Space is not empty. There is no “void” or “nothingness” between objects or particles. The simplest way to think of space is as a unified field—a plenum or ether that acts like a superfluid. The particles we call atoms are formed out of and are a part of this field—they are a part of the “superfluid,” just as a water particle is part of water, or a wave is a part of the ocean. “Matter” and “space” do not exist as separate things.
  2. Everything is connected. The universe is a single entangled system. It is entangled through a wormhole network and is also holographic in nature. All information in the universe is available to every single proton in the universe.
  3. Due to the entangled nature and feedback system of the of the universe, we can begin to understand the source of the remarkable coherency and unity that enables self-organizing systems to form and maintain themselves, and also may give us an understanding of how consciousness arises. (See Unified Physics and the Entanglement Nexus of Awareness and  The Unified Spacememory Network: From Cosmogenesis to Consciousness)
  4. Space is quantized into teeny tiny planck-sized spherical units of energy (PSUs). These little units are not solid like billiard balls, but are little spinning fields of energy that interact with one another creating interference patterns, just like when ripples on a pond interact.
  5. The difference between what looks like empty space and what we call the physical world is that what we call mass is a region of space in which the PSUs are co-moving coherently together. In these regions, the PSUs are organized and coherently moving in relationship to each other. The shearing of the region of space that is spinning /co-moving is what defines the boundary of a unique entity and creates mass. There are boundaries AND the whole thing is one thing! Oneness and uniqueness both exist.
  6. Whether or not the PSUs are co-moving together (i.e., free space vs. a coherently moving area that we call mass/energy), the PSUs are packed together in a particular way, forming the flower of life geometry. Connecting the points of the flower reveals the underlying geometric structure of spacetime, the 64-tetrahedron grid (vector equilibrium).
  7. The universe is not only holographic and entangled but also fractal in nature. That is, we can see the same repeating patterns, such as the golden ratio/spiral, at all scales in nature.

The Bathtub Analogy

The bathtub analogy can be helpful when trying to understand how everything is part of one field while at the same time uniqueness and individuation also exist.

Imagine a bathtub with a rubber ducky in it. Now, pull the plug. As the water starts spinning to go down the drain, the water molecules in the area right over the drain are co-moving together. They are organized and moving coherently in a little tornado going down the drain. This area is now a new “thing” we can see and identify. We might call it a vortex or a water tornado or whatever other name we want to give it. It has a boundary. It has its own individual existence. Yet, it is also part of the water!

Now, let’s pretend the rubber ducky is near where the drain is. What would happen to the rubber ducky? It would start orbiting the drain, right? In space, the PSUs can move together like this too, and this is when we get what we call mass / energy. Also, debris around that area of space then starts orbiting (just like the rubber ducky did in the bathtub), and we can get solar systems and galaxies and so forth. This phenomena happens at all scales (solar systems, galaxies, atoms, etc.).

Now, let’s reset the scene and imagine that the rubber ducky is far away from the drain. What happens to the rubber ducky this time when you pull the plug? It wouldn’t be affected much, right? It would probably just bob up and down a little over there on the other side of the bathtub for a while. That is because the water molecules far away from the drain are not co-moving together yet. This disorganized area is analogous to what we would have previously called “empty space.” It’s not actually empty; it’s just that in that region of space, the PSUs are not co-moving in an organized fashion, so we cannot see anything there because nothing is caught in the orbit of a spinning vortex to see.


One of Nassim’s main focuses is on developing applications in technology based on his theoretical findings. He has recently developed a new technology called the ARK® Crystal. Check out this page to learn more about this technology. I use it in my healing sessions when requested by clients. And believe it or not, Nassim is developing even more technology related to gravity control and energy production that is similar to what we see in Star Trek!

Further Study

Interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole? Nassim’s non-profit organization is called The Resonance Science Foundation (https://resonancescience.org/). You can begin your exploration by signing up for the free Unified Science Course, which provides an extensive foundational education in Nassim’s unified physics theory and its implications and applications in our lives and the world. You can expect your life to be utterly transformed in the process of learning this material.

I would also recommend getting started with his recent mainstream movie called, The Connected Universe. His older movies include Black Whole and Crossing the Event Horizon. You can also start by simply doing a YouTube search. He has tons of free videos out there to see.

In my view, the most exciting part of Nassim’s work is in his most recent research publications. You can download his papers which are a little technical, but actually understandable with some math and basic physics background.

Have fun exploring!

Would you like to book a private session? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please use the contact form or email me at twothepenny@live.com.

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