We are living through a transformational time in human history. It takes courage to turn towards that which needs healing within us and choose to embark on a path of transformation. For some of us, we know there is no other choice than to make the journey.

Receive. Give. Be Still.

These three principles will guide you on your healing journey. All three are equally important; none can be left out. These are the great principles through which the universe unfolds. Healing is inseparable from the vast mechanisms and mysteries of life.

You might be experiencing intense psycho-emotional states such as overwhelming fear, anxiety, anger/rage, depression, despair, dissociation, grief… and many others.  Or perhaps you have a physical illness or injury or are in the midst of a spiritual crisis or “upgrade,” even as all of these changes are rapidly unfolding in the world. In any of these cases, I would be honored to support you on your journey.

Please gift yourself with the time it will take to explore this website. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Simply use the contact form or email me at twothepenny@live.com.

Blessings on your journey,

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  1. Miriam Pearson

    Please sign me up for your newsletter. I am ever impressed with the quality of your ideas and writing.


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