What I Offer

DSC_0192It is my highest intention to provide you with a neutral, loving, safe space where you feel free to be yourself and engage in your Healing process. This is true regardless of if we do sessions in person or from a distance. I see myself as a companion on your journey, not a healer or guru.

You are unique, and so my approach will be unique to you. I use whatever tools, techniques, and modalities fit with you and your situation each session. Just as you are unique, my style is unique to me and is a conglomeration of all I have studied, realized, and experienced.

colored pencilsI have an enormous array of techniques, modalities, and the benefit of my own experience, exploration, and research to bring to the table, literally and figuratively. I love exploring and learning about different healing modalities and their relationship to each other, how they relate to the Healing process, and how they fit into an overall picture of Reality Itself. (If you want to read a short description of each modality I incorporate into sessions, please visit Modality Descriptions. And, if you’d like to learn more about theories and explanations on a bigger scale, check out Mind Candy: Theories and Explanations.)

If you so desire, I can also offer you resources and ideas on ways to build a solid foundation within your overall system that will support you enormously as you engage in the Healing process. These are the foundational pillars upon which your Healing process rests. These pillars include:

  1. Nutrition & Structured Water
  2. Exercise
  3. Earthing / GroundingEarth (2)
  4. Meditation & Inner Work

You can ask me directly for possibilities in any of these areas, and you can also check out the Resources page for more information.

What Am I Doing In a Session With You?

The modalities I use offer a theoretical insight and framework around the nature, quality, and mechanics of Reality Itself and, more specifically, how these energetics work within the human system. Then, they go one step further and use those insights to develop practical applications that support Healing. Not only will there be a difference in how you feel when you receive a session, but there will be an actual mechanical difference in your sphereenergy field and in your physical body. I can feel these shifts as I work with you, and likely you will too. Specifically, what we both begin to notice is a greater coherence in your system. The experience of coherence is varied. Often people will describe feelings of expansion, grounding, centeredness, opening, flowing or streaming of energy, tingling, warmth, decrease or disappearance of pain, change in symptoms and conditions, and more.

How do I decide specifically what “techniques” to use and how to support you during a session? Well, first we will sit down together and actually talk (a flowrare phenomena, indeed)! This is the time for you to share with me what you are dealing with and what you want support with. Many people like to bring in an intention for the session. As we’re talking, I also begin to get a sense on more subtle levels where your overall system might like support. And finally, as we begin the session, I receive even more communication from your system as to where and what to support. This “assessment” is based upon my training in various modalities which allow me to listen very specifically to different aspects of your overall system. Once I have this information, I simply use the techniques I am guided to use in order to best support you. The session will develop fluidly from there, often ending up far from where we began!

What Might You Experience on Your Healing Journey?

Healing on this level is different for everyone. Even so, I can say that in your Healing process, you can begin to embody deeper and deeper levels of Health, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Inner Peace, Love, Beauty, Vitality, Purity, Clarity, and countless others qualities. Your body, mind, and outer life will begin to reflect these qualities. In most cases, whatever physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues you have been struggling with will be transformed in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The possibilities are truly infinite in this kind of Healing.Butterfly

I offer individual in-person and individual distance sessions. You can find out more details on those pages, or simply go ahead and Book Your Individual Session Now.


Would you like to book a session? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please use the Contact Me form or email me at twothepenny@live.com.

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