Mind Candy: Theories and Explanations


I grew up in a scientific family. I love to think energy balland analyze!! I especially like thinking about questions related to the nature of Reality and also the question of the purpose and meaning of our existence. We wouldn’t have a mind if we weren’t meant to use it, right?  🙂  Some people ask me exactly what it is I’m doing when I’m giving a session. They want an explanation for why they were in pain before the session and are pain-free an hour later, or how it’s possible that their injury healed significantly within a few minutes, hours, or days after a session. They want to know how distance sessions work, or what it is I’m sensing or feeling when I’m working with them. If you are one of those people, read on! If you don’t really care, you’re probably oriented more toward experience rather than explanation. Even so, you might want to read on at least a little bit and see where it leads you.

MIRACLES ROOMOne approach I could take here is to explain to you every theory underpinning every modality I integrate into my approach. Not only would that take me the rest of my life (they are very complex), but I don’t feel it’s necessary. Of course, I encourage you to explore any theory on your own to the depth your curious mind wants to know, especially if you are curious about a particular modality that is a part of my repertoire in sessions with you. Keep in mind these modalities were specifically developed to be practical and experiential in nature. They are called “healing modalities” for good reason: they’re supposed to be applied in tangible, practical ways to support you in your Healing process, which is largely experiential.

The Evolution of Reality

I’ve come to recognize that the incorporation into ourselves of deeper, more accurate understandings and explanations of what Reality is and how Reality works (science), together with the experiences we have of that Reality (spirituality), are in fact two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable, like Yin and Yang. When we open our minds to greater understandings, those expanded understandings feed back into the giant feedback loop of All That Is. This changes our experience of All That Is because now All That Is is different, and we have the opportunity to begin embodying those changes in our lives. Then, our new experiences feed back into the giant feedback loop of All That Is, and the process keeping progressing. This is one way to describe the continual process of the evolution of Reality. (If you’re wondering how in the world your personal understandings could have any impact on all of Reality, read on!)torus3I have found it important to include both science and spirituality to gain the most complete picture of Ultimate Reality. Both aspects are a part of Reality. The separation between science and spirituality simply does not exist in Reality Itself.

It’s All About Physics!

swirl againWhat all of this has boiled down to for me in the end is physics. Frankly, what I learned growing up about physics would tell me all the countless experiences I’ve had with myself and with clients are impossible. After all, in a session, all I’m doing with my body is generally holding different parts of my client’s body. In distance sessions, I’m not even doing that! Yet, stuff happens. A lot of stuff! What’s also true is I’m “doing” a whole lot more in a session than holding body parts. That’s why they pay me the big bucks! So what exactly is happening in a session? What are the mechanics of it? How does it work? Curious minds want to know!  🙂

The Coolest Unified Physics Theory Ever: Nassim Haramein

Nassim HarameinI’d like to introduce you to a man named Nassim Haramein. He has developed (and continues to develop) a unified field theory of physics. He’s done all the work for us, and he’s really good at explaining it to lay people, or to scientists, or to anyone in between. In all my countless hours of research and study, I have never run into any theory or explanation for how things work that makes more sense to me than this one. I really believe this is a revolution — or an evolution — in our understanding of Reality. One of my first thoughts when I listened to Nassim was, “Holy *%&$, I’m looking at the next Albert Einstein!!!”

I won’t go into the details of the theory here because that would be insane. But I will tell you the most exciting parts of the theory in terms of answering the questions I posed above. I invite you to delve in and go as far down the rabbit hole as you want to go.

earth at nightHere are some of the most exciting parts of the theory. First, Nassim clearly shows that we are all part of One Fabric of Reality, often referred to as the Unified Field. In other words, We Are All One and are all connected. Yes, it’s really true, not just something those spiritual people say!  🙂  To put it simply, this is why distance sessions work. Every single little itty bitty (Planck-sized) part of the Universe is connected to every other part, and we are no exception since we are part of the fabric of Reality. He also revolutionizes our understanding of the structure (think sacred geometry) and the dynamics (think vibration, spirals, midlines, spin, pulsations) of this fabric of Reality (which he refers to as “the vacuum” so that physicists know what he’s talking about). The structure and dynamics he describes directly correlate to the theoretical energetic anatomy and dynamics underpinning the modalities I practice. He also talks a lot about how the vacuum is always fluctuating (vibrating), and also in motion (spinning). These are also fundamental concepts within the energy modalities I practice. There’s more. Much more. He’s really interested in developing technology that would be similar to what we see in Star Trek. How fun is that?!

Interested in delving deeper?  If this intrigues you, I encourage you to sign up for the Delegate Program at Nassim’s Resonance Academy, which provides a foundational understanding of the field of Unified Physics and its implications and applications in our lives and the world. His foundation is called The Resonance Project, and his main website is http://resonance.is. I’d also recommend getting started with his movies Black Whole and Crossing the Event Horizon. You can purchase them here:  http://academy.resonance.is/store/ You can also start by simply doing a YouTube search. He has tons of free videos out there to see. The most exciting part of his work, though, is related to his most recent paper. In order to learn about that, at this point you can download his paper, which is a little technical, but actually understandable with some math and basic physics background. You’ll need to become a member of the Resonance Project and sign up for the Delegate Program to understand all of this in depth. Have fun with it!flower of life

Other Important Theories to Explore

There are countless other areas to explore that all relate directly to what is happening in your sessions with me and in your Healing process in general. I will list some of the most important and relevant topics below (at least important from my perspective!), along with links and resources for further study, should you feel so inclined.

The Vibrational Nature of the Universe

vibrationIf you are curious why or how various alternative healing modalities work, such as sound healing, aromatherapy, gem stone therapy, homeopathy, the technologies of ZeroPoint Global, as well as the modalities I practice, then you’ll want to start immersing yourself in this subject. The idea here is that all of Reality (including us) is vibrational in nature. All of our various tissues and organs vibrate at different frequencies, as well as our energetic chakras and meridians. It’s not too far of a jump to then realize how exposure to different vibrational frequencies will impact our systems dramatically. People have studied extensively exactly what vibrations are supportive to us and have developed modalities and products around their findings. Of course, what we put in our bodies (food and drink) is also vibrational in nature and will dramatically affect our overall system.

Here are some resources to get started in this area:

  1. Be sure to check out Nassim Haramein, described in the section above.
  2. Look up Cymatics in Google and start watching videos.
  3. Cranio-Sacral-SELF-Waves, by Olaf Korpiun. (He attempts to explain the origin of the craniosacral tide. See Modality Descriptions to read about the tide.)
  4. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, by James Oschman.connected universe
  5. The Sense of Being Stared At, by Rupert Sheldrake.
  6. Skip down below to the section entitled, “New Spirituality / New Thought,” and delve into some of those resources as well. These are generally less “scientific” by most people’s definitions, but the vibrational nature of Reality is discussed frequently from many different interesting angles and viewpoints. The Law of Attraction is discussed quite extensively.

choiceEpigenetics is the study of genetic control factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence. It turns out our genes do not determine our destiny as was once thought. Whether a certain gene “turns on” or “turns off” (in very simple terms) is largely affected by its environment (including our beliefs). The best and easiest to undestand resource I have found on the subject of epigenetics, which also gets into exactly how it  applies to our Healing process, is in a book called, The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton.


spiral 3If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering how in the world embryology relates to our Healing process. While embryology is interesting, it may not seem particularly relevant. But the embryology of Jaap van der Wal, Ph.D., is different in that he does not take the typical approach. He approaches the embryo as not only an anatomical object to observe consisting of genes, tissues, hormones, and so on, but also from a participatory standpoint — an experiential (spiritual) viewpoint —  in order to see if we might glean some new insights when looking through this lens. Because of his work and related work from others, biodyanmic craniosacral therapy recognizes that the forces present in the embryo are still present in the adult, which has profound implications in the application of the therapy to support the Healing process (at any age).

Would you like to learn more?  Here are a couple recommendations:

  1. Visit Jaap van der Wal’s website and explore! I also highly recommend taking his course.
  2. The Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy, by Erich Blechschmidt.
The Nature of the Mind & Suffering

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn order to avoid what I call the “self-help trap,” I find it very important to have a good understanding of how the mind (ego) works as well as the nature of suffering. Without this understanding, it’s easy to flounder around for years (trust me, I did it!) in the self-help world. I’ve discussed a little bit on this subject in my blog, “What Is Suffering?” but there is so much to the topic as well as many different perspectives. Here are some absolutely incredible books and resources to support you in your exploration of this topic:

  1. Visit Guy Finley’s website. Download any free audios you can find. He also has multiple books and recordings you can purchase. I haven’t found anyone with a more detailed understanding of exactly what is going on in our minds and the nature of suffering.
  2. Loving What Is, by Byron Katie.
  3. The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer.
  4. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.
  5. Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani.
New Spirituality / New Thought

fuzzy spiralThe new spirituality / new thought movement is a vast arena filled with vague theories and countless contradictions. It is easy to get lost and be led down many paths that end in confusion and disappointment. Still, there are some underlying themes present throughout a good number of the various interpretations, and these are important in your Healing journey and can serve as “pointers” to you having your own direct experiences and insights regarding Reality and your True Nature. There are a few leaders emerging now with a clearer picture of what is happening at this time in our evolution. These leaders are quite clear about the nature of true Healing within this new evolving paradigm. Below are some resources I have found particularly helpful in my own journey:

  1. The books listed in the previous section (#2 – #5) are also excellent resources in describing the new spirituality ideas / paradigm.
  2. Conversations With God (Books 1, 2, 3), by Neale Donald Walsh.
  3. Visit Panache Desai’s website. He also has a new book out called, Discovering Your Soul Signature, which is featured on his website.
  4. Visit Anamika’s website. She also has a new book out called, and… .
  5. Visit Caroline Myss’ website.
  6. Visit Derek Rydall’s website.
  7. Visit Barbara Marx Hubbard’s website.
  8. Join the Humanity’s Team community. This organization is focused on the mission of awakening the world to Oneness in one generation. I have a special affinity (and bias!) here since I work with them!  🙂
  9. Join the Agape International Spiritual Center community. The leader of this community, Michael Bernard Beckwith, is one of the clearest channels for the new spirituality that I have found. His wife, Rickie Byars Beckwith, channels the same spirit through music. This is a powerful community to be immersed in.
  10. Join the Healing with the Masters community to hear very interesting interviews with a variety of new spirituality teachers and leaders. I have found this to be one of the best of its kind out there (of which there are many!) The interviews are free to listen to for a short time. You can also buy the seasons so that you can have the interviews as .mp3s on your computer.
    World in Eye

All of this should keep your curious mind busy for a very long time!  Have fun exploring!

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