Individual In-Person Sessions

Individual in-person sessions are an extremely powerful combination of therapeutic touch, skilled verbal facilitation, and highly-tuned energetic support, serving as a potent catalyst in your transformation and Healing process. As you read about in, “What Is Healing?” you may be at any number of stages Sunlight through treein your Healing journey. Wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you. No matter what conditions you are facing, you have the capacity to Heal.

You can expect to be with me between 90 – 120 minutes, which includes the session itself and a check-in before and after. Be sure to read about What I Offer if you would like more details about what to expect during your session. You can also read about the different bodywork modalities I incorporate into my sessions and the underlying science, theories, and philosophies behind my work.


Experiences from In-Person Clients…

Ripple“Penny gave me a treatment at a time when I had just strained a back muscle. It was very painful and limited my range of motion. I could hardly get on the treatment table. Once I lied down, I became very still and opened myself up to whatever healing I needed. Toward the end of the session, she placed her hands in the area of the muscle strain, which apparently became the focus of the therapy. When the session was over, I was reluctant to start moving because of my back. I started slowly, wiggling a little here and there. Each time I challenged my body to move just a little bit more, I was pleasantly surprised to experience no pain. I finally sat up on my own and moved around more vigorously, waiting for the pain to restrict my movements. The pain was literally gone. I thought, well, at best this must be only temporary relief, and by the next morning it would probably return. The next morning came… without pain. It never returned. I’ve had many strained muscles in my athletic lifestyle, and they always followed a normal, slow course of healing. This was a jaw-dropping first for me.” ~Ron

“I wasn’t sure how I would feel about craniosacral therapy, but I decided to give it a try withSONY DSC Penny. She ‘woke up’ my mind and body in ways that I never would have anticipated and couldn’t deny. All I can say is, ‘Wow.'” ~Molly

“I had a recent total knee revision and was in terrible intense pain. I went to see Penny to see if she could help me. We did a session. When I laid down on the table, my leg was just throbbing. When I got up after we were finished, my leg felt so much better. The intense throbbing pain was gone. I must admit I was totally surprised by how much pain was taken away. It was a wonderful feeling.” ~Laurie


Hours & Pricing

Would you like to book a session? Do you have questions or concerns? Please email me at or use the contact form at Contact Me.

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