Individual Distance Sessions

Remote HealingIndividual distance sessions are a powerful and effective catalyst for transformation and Healing. They can also be a nice supplement to in-person sessions. Many of my distance clients found me while traveling, came for an in-person session, and then decided to continue to receive distance sessions when they returned home.

Many people are quite surprised at the effectiveness of distance sessions. This is because, generally, our understanding of physics and the nature of reality is incomplete and outdated. Would you like to learn about the physics of why and how distance sessions work? Take a look at Mind Candy: Theories and Explanations. If you are skeptical about these kinds of things, receiving a distance session can be a great way to blow your mind wide open!

For your distance session, I will call you on the phone or on a video conferencing system at the appointed time. We will discuss how you’re doing, what conditions or issues you’re experiencing (if any), and any intentions you may have for the session / what you’d like support with. It’s best if you can find a quiet, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcomfortable place to sit or lie down to receive the session. (This cat has the right idea!) This way, you can feel and experience exactly what is happening within you as you receive. After I complete the session, I will call you back to check in.

Be sure to read about What I Offer if you would like more details about what to expect during your session. You can also read about the different modalities I incorporate into my sessions.


Experiences from Distance Clients…

Purple sky“I’m still in awe of our session yesterday! I can tell you that the pain I felt in the piriformis muscle is nearly gone!! It was so painful to touch and had been for several days. But this morning when I got up I immediately noticed the pain has nearly disappeared!! The other things I’ve noticed is I’ve cried a few times this morning. I’ve been a little teary lately but this was actual crying–grief and sorrow. My heart has opened a great deal–I hope in preparation for the writing I have to do. I’ve also been drawn to clean up my current desk and order a new one that will draw me to it. That’s as far as I’ve come but my! What a long way it is. 🙂 Also, the tissue around my scar has softened considerably. [This client just had hip surgery.] It was still a hard lump & numb in one area. That part has softened overnight & I have a little feeling in the tissue now. That’s just amazing! How is this possible???!! Can you believe all that has happened? At some point I’m going to have a sign made for my front door that says, “Love one another” or ‘Live in love” or something like that. 🙂  Thank you for all you’ve done for me. What a blessing you are to me!!” ~Essea

“OMG!! This has been really amazing. I will start by saying I woke up the next morning burning up. I tend to be hot but we bought new cooler mattresses a few months ago to alleviate that problem of the tempurpedic, and I haven’t been hot since. The bed beneath me was super hot and I was too, but I was not sweating at all. Then I realized it was JUST my upper back and chest area, MY HEART CHAKRA! It has happened two more times since then.

I have become very cynical the last few years because of some painful losses I’ve suffered, and become somewhat of a hermit, only socializing with family. I have refused to do facebook or any social media to remain private and protected against people who have contributed to the painfulfinger & baby hand past. … Now I’m not afraid to be out there again. I’m going to sign up this week. That was Friday afternoon.

Then I had agreed to be the second “mom” for my granddaughter’s girl scout cookie booth, not something I would normally do. It was awesome! I was truly touched by how kind everyone was to these eight year old twins who were very slow to make change and knocking cookie boxes over.  … It truly opened my heart and made me start to go back to a time when I enjoyed people and chit chat instead of feeling like everyone was talking too much and just needed to get to the point.

I am returning to the place of remembering that I got in this business to help people through the worst time in their lives, and I have been kinder and more encouraging again, pointing out their good decisions during the process instead of feeling like “well you did this to yourself now you want me to fix it overnight.”  I feel unbelievably empowered by coming into the light. I didn’t even realize how far in the dark I was.  Our business is booming and we’re interviewing more people to hire and help us.

What ever happened with you and me last week has truly opened up my heart space, that I didn’t even realize was that closed! I am so excited to continue to observe my feelings and others reactions to me, and to move back into my true path full force! I really appreciate what you’ve done for me and I typed all this so you could at least a glimpse of the impact it’s made on my life. You are amazing!!” ~Susan


Hours & Pricing

Would you like to book a session? Do you have questions or concerns?  Please email me at or use the contact form at Contact Me.

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