Contribution Options

Choose Your Contribution Option for Private Sessions

$64 Base + Donation
The first $64 will go to me to cover my basic monetary expenses. Any additional funds you contribute will go to an organization of your choosing from the list below. The amount you contribute over and above the base fee is completely up to you. Please choose an amount that works for you given your current circumstances. As a reference point, the average rate for a 90-minute session (which includes a check-in before and after the bodywork portion) is approximately $96 in Boulder County. The organizations below have been chosen carefully for their high integrity and direct contribution to a regenerative world. They are rotated on a monthly basis.

October 2018 Organizations
charity: water
Equal Justice Initiative
SLOW Money Institute

Expand Your Horizons
Join Integral Life, the Resonance Academy, or purchase an ARK® Crystal using my affiliate link. The commissions I receive will be applied toward the $64 base session fee (see details below).

  1. Annual membership in Integral Life ($99).
    25% commission. Covers $24 of the base fee (you will owe an additional $40).
  2. Annual membership in the Resonance Academy ($192).
    32% commission. Covers base fee for 1 session.
  3. Lifetime membership in the Resonance Academy ($480).
    32% commission. Covers base fee for 2.5 sessions.
  4. Purchase an ARK® Crystal ($1,200).
    10% commissionCovers base fee for 2 sessions.

Contribution for the Heart Circle

In order to join the Heart Circle, you must become a member of Humanity’s Team’s Community Circle. The contribution to join Community Circle is $100/year (or $10/month if you choose to pay monthly). Learn more about the Heart Circle and register here.

Payment is expected at the time of service. I respectfully ask you give me 24-hours notice for any cancellations. For cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time, I request you make a full contribution for the session unless cancellation is due to illness or an emergency.

Hours: Tue, Fri, Sat 10:00am-5:30pm

Would you like to book a private session? Do you have questions or concerns?  Please email me at or use the contact form.

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