Circles are a co-created safe and sacred space in which members are invited to bring forward the truth of their lived experience with authenticity and vulnerability. We recognize and honor that each of us is our own guru and that our answers are within. In this spirit, we do not offer each other advice or try to fix one another, but rather hold space for each member to re-discover his/her own inherent wisdom, truth, and healing capacity. I have partnered with Cheryl Park from Stand In Radiance to co-facilitate the Heart Circle. Details follow below.

The Heart Circle

How It Works:
The Heart Circle takes place online on a videoconferencing platform called Zoom. We have members in the Circle from countries all around the world, making it a truly global experience. You can choose to be on or off camera during the Circle.

We begin the Circle with a brief centering meditation. The Circle is then opened for check ins, where members are invited to take the “talking stick” and share the truth of what is up in their lives within the safe and sacred container of the Circle. This is a time when we are invited to be vulnerable and share our deepest lived truths and experiences… including our challenges, current explorations, revelations, and gifts. The other members of the Circle listen with presence and curiosity and hold space for what comes forward with the person sharing. This Circle is an opportunity to practice unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and each other on a very practical level.

Intention Statement:
Our intention for the Heart Circle is to co-create a safe and sacred space in which we practice unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and each other. Members are invited to share from a place of deep vulnerability, reflecting upon and giving voice to their experience, expressing their truth, and surrendering to their own unique process of healing and transformation. Together, we hold this space in Oneness, offering each other loving support and allowing for what wishes to emerge.

Before attending a Heart Circle for the first time, please be sure to read the guidelines HERE.

Registration & Contribution:
In order to join the Heart Circle, you must become a member of Humanity’s Team’s Community Circle. When you become a CC member, not only will you be able to join Heart Circles, but you will also have access to a weekly book club call, a monthly “Power of Prayer” call, and hundreds of recordings of interviews with spiritual thought leaders all over the world. The contribution to join Community Circle is $100/year (or $10/month if you choose to pay monthly).

The Heart Circle generally takes place on the second Tuesday of each month from 9:30am-11:30am Pacific time.

Extra Support
At times, members of this Circle may like to receive extra support outside of the Circle itself. Cheryl and I are available for co-facilitated private sessions if you’d like this extra layer of support. Please reach out via the contact form for more details and to schedule a session.

Would you like to start your own Circle? Cheryl and I are available to mentor you as you begin the process. Please use the contact form or email me at or to set up a time to meet with us.