… And Know

The flow of receiving and giving starts and ends in Stillness. True healing requires us to pause, go within, and connect with our still, quiet center. It is in the pause that we integrate our experiences and come to know the wisest next steps in our healing journey…. and then the flow of receiving and giving begins anew.

Stillness is most easily experienced by going inward to our center, and also into the spaces and transitions — the silence between sounds, the transition between inhales and exhales, the space between our atoms, the space between our thoughts. There are many paths to experiencing Stillness. Meditation is of course one of these paths, but there are others. Find the ones that work for you. All it takes in the end is allowing yourself the time and space to pause and notice the Stillness underpinning all of existence.

One tool that has worked particularly well for me are the Open Focus Brain meditations. The link below will take you to a folder with several recordings. May they be a resource for you on your journey inward.

Open Focus Brain Meditations

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